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Stars of Dentistry: Milad Shadrooh (The Singing Dentist) See what ‘The Singing Dentist’, Milad Shadrooh, had to say about his day at Stars of Dentistry in 2016. For more information on Dentistry 17: Stars of Dentistry, visit…

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New tooth tech will fill the gap for longer

…to …^ BDA Director defends dentists’ earnings^^1249603200^2144^BDA Director defends dentists’ ea…^^ Redheads more susceptible to dental pain^^1249862400^2146^Redheads more susceptible to dental…^^ Redheads may be avoiding the dentist^ Redheads are twice…

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Scotchbond Universal Adhesive scoops design award

…of the great and the good in British dentistry. ^1336435200^5079^Eddie treats referring dentists to …^Dentist Eddie Scher threw a cocktail party for fellow dental professionals.In the plush surroundings of the…

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Dental nurses ‘appalled’ at fees increase

…Get a closer look^^1288137600^3327^Get a closer look^^ New dental surgery catalogue^^1288137600^3328^New dental surgery catalogue^^ Cordless prophy polishing system^^1288137600^3329^Cordless prophy polishing system^^ Schools get an oral health education^ Health Minister Lord…

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Turn off tap when cleaning teeth, kids told

…how dentistry and dental training will be affec…^[1].jpg Dentist donates cash to charity^ A dentist has donated the proceeds from an auction to Food Relief International, a charity helping the…

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A tourist’s guide to mouth cancer

…from the Dentists Register.’ ^1306108800^4048^‘Veneers for children’ dentist …^A dentist has been struck off for inappropriately fitting dental veneers on children as young as eight for financial gain.Birmingham dentist…^ Dentists…