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Dentistry Top 50 – the 2014 results

This year the Dentistry Top 50 poll was again inundated with a record number of votes from readers of Dentistry magazine and A big congratulations goes to Earl Howe,…

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NHS bites back, new dentistry report reveals

was represented by private dentistry, worth some £2.4 billion. The NHS share of dentistry spending dipped to a low of around 53% in 2003/04 when access to NHS dentistry remained…

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New tooth tech will fill the gap for longer

…to …^ BDA Director defends dentists’ earnings^^1249603200^2144^BDA Director defends dentists’ ea…^^ Redheads more susceptible to dental pain^^1249862400^2146^Redheads more susceptible to dental…^^ Redheads may be avoiding the dentist^ Redheads are twice…

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Dental nurses ‘appalled’ at fees increase

…Get a closer look^^1288137600^3327^Get a closer look^^ New dental surgery catalogue^^1288137600^3328^New dental surgery catalogue^^ Cordless prophy polishing system^^1288137600^3329^Cordless prophy polishing system^^ Schools get an oral health education^ Health Minister Lord…