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Simple in concept, powerful in application

The goal of root canal therapy is the three-dimensional cleansing, shaping and obturation of the root canal space from the canal orifice to the minor constriction of the apical foramen….

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Knowing when to treat and when to refer

…of technical difficulty. Root canals are much like the English professional football leagues in one sense – some are Premiership and some belong in the Conference, but the closer one…

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The endodontic crib sheet: necessary factors

…progressively further down the root. For most canine tooth and palatal canals, distal canals of lower molars, .12 taper is appropriate. For most MB and ML canals of lower molars…

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New tooth tech will fill the gap for longer

…after some research we found that the most of the monies collected were actually getting to the children that needed it most and making a difference at grass root level….

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Curved canals are plain sailing

to make it successful. All canals are curved to one degree or another, canals that might appear radiographically straight have some degree of curvature if only in a buccal to…