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The top 7 best and worst foods for teeth

teeth: The Top 7 Best Foods and Drinks 1 High fibre fruits and vegetables High-fibre foods work like a detergent in the mouth, not only physically ‘scrubbing’ the teeth, but…

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Temperamental teeth?

…of teeth, nail biting and chewing on hard objects can lead to sensitive teeth. Help is at hand If you’re already suffering from overly sensitive teeth, there are products that…

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Turn off tap when cleaning teeth, kids told

Month, head to ^1337644800^5127^Turn off tap when cleaning teeth, k…^Turning off the tap when cleaning your teeth could save over 12 litres of water per person, according to new…

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Insight into human teeth evolution

humans and mammals only develop one or two sets of teeth in their lifetime, compared to their ancestors, the bony fish, which constantly regenerate their teeth. Every jawed vertebrate needs…

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Emily finally has adult teeth – at 28

get all the teeth aligned correctly so that the implants would sit properly next to my other teeth, and also to create the right sized gap for the new teeth