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Catherine Rutland is head of professional support services at Simplyhealth Professionals.
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Time to take stock and delegate

Catherine Rutland advocates communication and prioritisation and if things are getting on top of you – delegate. Sometimes I would like to be able to press pause on life. Not for long; just long enough to be able to think, breathe and refocus. We are currently in the middle of a series of events all … Continued

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Learning to say no

Saying no can be quite empowering and can stop you from crashing, says Catherine Rutland. I was advised recently by a good friend to buy a book on ‘essentialism’. After reading the first 15 pages, I sent my friend a message asking how they could feel I needed to read anything on the topic. If … Continued

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Think positive

Catherine Rutland talks about the importance of positivity in the dental profession. When I get to the end of a series of events, I always find myself reflecting on what I have learnt. Part of my role is to understand the needs, fears, hopes and direction of our member dentists. I always feel privileged to … Continued

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