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Michael Bentley

Michael Bentley

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Michael Bentley has been a practice manager both within optics and dentistry. In 2001 he took his first management post in dentistry and has 15 years’ experience as a practice manager and seven years of experience working as a treatment coordinator. Michael is a qualified and GDC registered DCP. Michael has managed several teams throughout his career and has on many occasions had to deal with the team members he calls the dementors of practice life.
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Business vs clinical manager

Michael Bentley discusses the roles of both the business manager and the clinical manager. Throughout my 17-year career I have managed several teams, and one thing that has dramatically changed in this time is the requirement for a tiered approach to managing a dental practice. The role of the practice manager In the last five … Continued

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Dealing with negative team members

Michael Bentley discusses how to deal with negative team members in your practice. One of the first things I smell out when I go into a practice is the negative team member. For me, they may as well put a neon sign on their head saying ‘I am a pain in the ass’ as it … Continued

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