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Neil Photay is manager and director at Costech Elite.
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Zirconia: strong and beautiful

 As zirconia becomes a more affordable option, Neil Photay muses on its viability for restorations in NHS dentistry In dentistry, the list of available restorative materials continues to grow exponentially. Inspired by the quest for better aesthetics or better strength and longevity, new materials are continually being explored through research. Many being worked into day-to-day … Continued

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The age of the influencer

Neil Photay discusses the increasing importance of social media influencers in raising awareness of brands If you went back in time 15 years and told people that social media influencers would exist, it’s likely people would call you crazy. After all, the very concept of someone promoting products on photo-based or video sharing apps, and … Continued

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Bruxzir hints and tips

Costech continues with its series of hints and tips giving you advice on when to use Bruxzir, an alternative to PFMs and full-metal crowns. Bruxzir has fast become the favoured alternative to both PFMs (porcelain fused to metal) and full-metal crowns. The high strength of the material has made even knife-edge margins and sub-gingival all-ceramic … Continued

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Shade taking

Neil Photay gives you some hints and tips on how to get the perfect shade. There is a whole science behind accurate shade taking. The more information you can get to the technician, the better. Ideally every ceramist would love to work with photos, as they get an idea of the whole character of the … Continued

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