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Dr Shiraz Khan graduated from the University of Birmingham Dental School in 2013. Having successfully completed foundation training and winning several prizes, he is currently placed as a GDP and locum speciality trainee in restorative dentistry. Shiraz has heightened his profile at this albeit early stage, being invited to lecture to young dentists around the country. Progressing in his career in additional post-graduate qualifications and building a portfolio of achievements means that Shiraz is nothing short of an aspirational individual. He invests time into his career development and experience, regularly sharing with like-minded professionals. He was fortunate enough to be shortlisted as a finalist for the Best Young Dentist London 2015.
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A perfect dental portfolio

Shiraz Khan equips the reader with the understanding of what a portfolio entails and what aspects will contribute to a portfolio. Having a portfolio is now one of the staple adjuncts that practitioners, and particularly our younger colleagues, should have. This will function to demonstrate skill and competencies that the practitioner possesses, but also the … Continued

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