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Zoe Close

Zoe Close

Author at Dentistry.co.uk

Zoe is an area sales manager at Practice Plan, providing patient membership plans to dental practices, as well as supporting practices to grow their plan and profits through strategic business and marketing support, events and training for the long term. Once a practice manager herself, Zoe has worked in the industry for many years and has the experience and knowledge to provide practices with the bespoke support they need and want.
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The impact being in a prototype has had on my practice and patients

What better way to know more about how the contract reform process could impact you specifically, than asking someone who has spent years trialling it? Len D’Cruz is currently running a prototype B practice – one of the remuneration blends being tested as part of the reform process. He will be appearing on a panel … Continued

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Zoning your diary – where do you begin?

Zoe Close talks to Lisa Bainham about the best approach to zoning your diary. Structuring your appointments into zones ensures staff are prepared and know what to expect from each day, making for an efficient practice, calm atmosphere and positive patient journey. It can also help to reduce white space in the diary, which, of … Continued

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Soothe your practice headaches

Zoe Close examines three big headaches dental teams are facing and discusses how best to tackle them During my 30 years in the dental profession, including many years working in both private and NHS practices, I would say that the challenges facing private practices have remained largely unchanged. Perhaps with the exceptions of the CQC … Continued

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Methods for motivating your team

Zoe Close, area sales manager for Practice Plan, shares her experience of practice management and in particular, her top tips for using daily huddles and regular meetings to motivate your team. Most people think of daily huddles as people standing around cuddling each other, the idea of which brings a smile to my face, but … Continued

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