Improving oral health in England: prevention, contract reform and delivery

The seminar, run by the Westminster Health Forum, will discuss key current and emerging issues for dentistry and oral health in England.

Taking place in the context of dental contract reform and the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan, the seminar will be an opportunity to discuss next steps for addressing barriers around implementation and progress so far in delivering the new wave of prototypes across England.

It is timed to bring together key stakeholders and policymakers to assess practical considerations ahead of the roll out of the new NHS general dental services contract from April 2020 – including addressing concerns around capitation, moving forward with the development of care pathways and what reform would mean for practice owners.

Attendees will also discuss the impact of the NHS Long Term Plan on oral health – including key issues for tackling oral health inequalities, the role of the dentistry profession in integrating care, and the challenges for incentivising prevention-focused oral and dental care.

They will assess what more might be needed to deliver goals to roll out the Enhanced Health in Care Homes model across the country, such as funding and staffing considerations – and the progress of the continued implementation of the Starting Well Core Initiative in high priority areas.

The agenda includes discussion on workforce, regulation and funding challenges around inter-professional collaboration and for providing joined up oral healthcare across dentistry, local authorities, primary and secondary care, health visiting teams, schools and commissioners.

Sessions also consider the next steps for aligning plans with Health Education England to ensure the workforce is equipped with the right skills and training to deliver patient and prevention focused oral health care.

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