Why be a mentor?   


•       Professional development 

•       Nurture the next generation of dentists  

•       Attractive financial enhancement (we’ll pay you £2,000 in your mentee’s first month on their behalf and another £2,000 when they complete their mentorship with you. Plus your mentee will pay you either £500 or £1,000 a month throughout) 

•       Develop your people management skills  

•       Support that includes two days’ training and a portfolio to work through with your mentee  

•       Increase patient access  

•       Training forms part of your CPD  


Who and what?   

Mentees are typically new dentists who need mentoring over 6-12 months. It’ll involve at least an hour’s tutorial each week, combined with on-the-job support such as answering questions, observing and discussing treatments.   

To become a mentor, you’ll ideally need to have worked in the NHS for 4+ years and the same practice for 2+ years, and currently work 21+ hours a week.