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Using a luxator for extractions

Amit Patel advises young dentists how and why the luxator can be used instead of a Couplands elevator for extractions. The appropriate use of a luxator in dental extractions can be a godsend for the patient and for you when performing atraumatic dental extractions. As young dentists, the appropriate use of these instruments may not

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The power of your brand

Sam Brice, marketing manager at DPAS Dental Plans, talks about the importance of establishing a strong brand image for your practice. With so many other things to take into account, building a brand identity is not usually one of the first things that principals consider when setting up or expanding their practice. However, in reality

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Equip the dental team to be the best it can

Practice Plan introduces Joy Marsden, who will be explaining how your team can pull together and survive and thrive in the dental world at this year’s workshop tour. Challenges and change are now part of daily life. They affect everyone at some point but it’s how you deal with them that’s the real deal-breaker. Dental

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See how the Kavo Estetica dental chair works

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The Kavo Estetica E30 dental chair opens a new dimension of dental excellence: the essence of high Kavo quality, reliability and efficiency at affordable entry level pricing. Easy and intuitive to use, safe and economical to operate. This treatment unit combines convenience and efficiency as part of your daily workload.

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A new charity launches in November to help educate people in the management of dental trauma

The charity – Dental Trauma UK – has been set up to help improve the care and treatment options for patients following traumatic dental injuries. Too many people are losing teeth unnecessarily after dental trauma, mainly because they are unaware of basic preventative steps to take in the aftermath of dental injury, such as re-implanting

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Open Wide and Step Inside – an innovative step to improving children’s oral health

A film, which the producers say is the first of its kind in the world, is to receive its debut in Plymouth on Wednesday 22 October. ‘Open Wide and Step Inside’ has been produced by the Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise, Peninsula Dental School and Plymouth University, with financial support of £105,000 from the worldwide Wrigley Company Foundation

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New president of the BADT is changing the ‘unfair’ status quo on prescribing rights for dental therapists

Fiona Sandom, a postgraduate tutor at Cardiff University, dental therapist in North Wales Community Dental Services and new president of the British Association of Therapists (BADT), took over the role from outgoing president Bal Chana at the association’s annual conference that took place in Manchester last month (September). Fiona is pledging to work towards changing the

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BADN responds to comment made to Dentistry about ARF hike

The British Association of Dental Nurses (BADN) has been in continuous contact with the General Dental Council (GDC) on a number of issues; the most recent being the potential increase in the annual retention fee (ARF) for dental nurses. The BADN attended a meeting with the GDC and voiced the concerns of its members in relation to the ARF increase; its members do have access to

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Are dental associates employed or self-employed?

Amongst the established professions, dentistry is unique. It is the only one into which its members qualify as self-employed from day one. Or so it seemed… After completing a period as a vocational trainee, a dentist’s first unsupervised position within a practice will be as an associate and to all intents and purposes, they will