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A priceless record collection and the importance of keeping good records

In this series of articles from the dento-legal experts at Dental Protection, we look at record keeping. With the team singing from the same song sheet, well-written contemporaneous records will keep a practice on track with patients. The importance of good record keeping is instilled in us from the earliest moment in training; a message

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Invest in dentistry, governments urged

The British Dental Association (BDA) has called for UK governments to pay heed to the economic challenges facing NHS dentistry and maintain their commitment to patients and practitioners. The claims come in the wake of the recent report from the Health and Social Care Information Centre that highlights the scale of the difficulties faced by

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Breakthrough research leads the way for advancement in fighting cavities

Breakthrough data, published by Colgate, has indicated that the use of a toothpaste containing 1.5% arginine, an insoluble calcium compound and 1450ppm fluoride, provides superior protection against caries, compared to toothpastes containing 1450ppm fluoride alone. Two two-year caries clinical studies, involving over 12,000 people, concluded that the use of a toothpaste containing 1.5% arginine, an

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MPs may investigate the performance of the under-fire General Dental Council

The all-party health select committee could explore a scathing annual performance review into the General Dental Council (GDC) by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA), Dan Poulter said. Now the British Dental Association (BDA) has suggested an ongoing supplementary inquiry by the standards authority could determine whether the MPs launch a probe. The select committee has recently

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A new way of gaining valuable business finance in dentistry

United Kapital are pleased to offer a new and innovative way to gain valuable business finance to dentistry businesses across the UK. Seen as a key sector at United Kapital, an ever-growing number of dental practices from across the United Kingdom have been utilising its Merchant Cash Advance to grow their business in a number of

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Helping practices to succeed and flourish through online bookings

Deborah Morris, assistant practice manager from Temple Street Dental Practice, discusses her experience with online booking. Temple Street Dental Practice is a mixed practice based in Oxford that opened as a squat in June 2012, without a single patient. Assistant practice manager, Deb Morris, tells how, despite a tough economic climate, the practice has flourished,

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The BDA reacts to the responses over the GDC’s ARF consultation

The data shows that 97% of respondents have rejected the General Dental Council’s (GDC’s) proposed 64% annual retention fee (ARF) rise. A majority have also questioned the regulator’s justification for any fee rise, and the measures it has taken to cut costs. Over 4,000 individual respondents took part in the GDC consultation. The British Dental

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Making sure you deliver on your promises and put the customer first

Lewis Ballard Specialist Dental Accountants explains whys it is so important to keep patients happy. We have all heard of businesses claiming to give great service and putting the customer above everything else. Yet how many actually deliver on their promises, and why does it matter anyway? Let’s, consider an average dental practice, people come

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The dos and don’ts of running a successful practice event

Sam Brice, marketing manager at DPAS dental plans, explains how to run a successful practice event. Following an eventful summer in the dental industry, we now enter the traditional conference season. September and October are packed full of dental events with something for everyone. The British Orthodontic Society Conference is closely followed by the BDIA