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Smile design and the pink hybrid restoration: the prosthetic solution for ridge deficiency

Christian Coachman, Marcelo A Calamita and Eric Van Dooren present a realistic and practical treatment plan. Part one: background, case objectives and treatment plan The ‘new world’ of aesthetic dentistry has created a great burden for the practising clinician. Media-centred advertising would have one believe that anyone and everyone can buy the ‘perfect’ smile. Although

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Dealing with online comments

 John Makin explains how you can handle negative online comments. An increasing number of patients are turning to websites such as NHS Choices to rate their dental experience. But when does patient feedback cross the line from constructive criticism to unpleasant abuse? This is a question that the Dental Defence Union (DDU) is being asked

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The search for a new dental contract

Michael Watson explains how the current dental contract could be made to work, and why it currently isn’t. Long before Harry Potter, medieval alchemists were searching for the philosopher’s stone, the magic formula that would turn base metal into gold. I see the search for a new dental contract, which will transform NHS dentistry into a

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The NHS evolution and your options

Nigel Jones discusses NHS dentistry, its evolution and what it could mean for NHS practitioners and their options for the future. Although a precedent exists for a significant change to NHS dentistry in the run up to a General Election, with the infamous July 1992 fee cut, no one is seriously expecting anything dramatic to

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Scottish dental company ‘proud’ to win eco award

The Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland (MDDUS) has been awarded the prestigious Carbon Trust Standard for its success in reducing carbon emissions. A campaign, spearheaded by the company’s staff, achieved a reduction of 3.2% in carbon emissions at its Glasgow headquarters between 2012 and 2013. Overall gas usage fell by 12%, while energy costs

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Dentists face critical NHS pension decision

Thousands of dentists who qualified before 2008 have just a few months to decide which NHS pension scheme will be best for them in the long term. The ‘Choice two’ exercise being undertaken by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) offers scheme members the opportunity to move their 1995 section benefits to the 2008 section

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The buck stops there

Kevin Lewis looks at the current scapegoats in dentistry and how the news broke about the dentist who allegedly breached infection control procedures. It is probably just as well that Harry S Truman, the US President who served two terms at the end of and following World War II, is no longer with us. There

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BLOS takes international stage

The British Lingual Orthodontic Society, is delighted to announce that it has been given a role on the orthodontic profession’s international stage and will be offering a lingual master class during the 8th International Orthodontic Congress in London in September 2015. Established over 10 years ago and with 170 members in seven countries, BLOS has

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Increase in heart infections due to fewer prescriptions for prophylactic antibiotics

A new study has shown that the incidence of life-threatening heart infection has increased since the introduction of the 2008 National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines. The study puts the rise down to dentists having written fewer prescriptions for prophylactic antibiotics before invasive procedures. In the UK, the 2008 NICE guidelines recommended

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Diagnose and prevent oral cancer

Howard Thomas discusses the signs and symptoms to look out for with oral cancer and how the Curaprox toothbrush can help. Cancer is a deadly disease caused by an uncontrolled division of cells. If left untreated the uncontrolled growth, commonly referred to as a tumour, can spread to normal tissues nearby; create pressure on other