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A priceless record collection and the importance of keeping good records

In this series of articles from the dento-legal experts at Dental Protection, we look at record keeping. With the team singing from the same song sheet, well-written contemporaneous records will keep a practice on track with patients. The importance of good record keeping is instilled in us from the earliest moment in training; a message

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10 top tips for a DF1 interview

Shivana Anand brainstorms some of her ideas on what to do during a DF1 interview process. Last year I embarked on probably one of the most important interviews I would ever have to take – the dental foundation training interview. It is not only there to assess what job you will take the following year,

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Local Dental Committees showing the way forward on contract reform

A group of Local Dental Committees (LDCs) has produced a proposal for possible alternative contract reform as a framework to generate debate to help find some possible solutions. Early drafts of the alternative contract were produced by a small group of practitioners working with the LDC chairs of Hull and East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and

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Introducing…your dental nurse

Jonathan Fine describes a recent experience where he was introduced to his dental nurse. It’s striking how often people trading goods and services miss the simple things, the things that don’t cost anything and make the customer believe a business cares about them. These are obvious things that, if traders had put themselves in their

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Fast Track 4 winners

Dentistry magazine, Young Dentist and have been on a quest to find true active leaders and stars of the future. The hunt is finally over. Read on to find out who the golden four are. A competition called Fast Track 4 has been running for several months now to seek out and highlight the

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Top speakers and cocktails on show at the BDIA Dental Showcase

Practice Plan whet your appetite for the BDIA Dental Showcase by introducing its speakers and their free top tips to help you grow and develop your practice. The Practice Plan stand (P07) is the place to be at this year’s BDIA Dental Showcase, 9 – 11 October in London, with a whole host of dental

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Parents could be jeopardising their children’s oral health

A new study has shown that parents could be jeopardising their children’s oral health by being unaware of what they are having for lunch. The study, carried out by the British Dental Health Foundation, found one in 10 parents don’t know what their child eats whilst at school. A further one in 20 parents claim their child

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Have patients queueing up for your extended range of services

Do you want to extend the range of services you offer, attract new patients and generate additional income from your existing patients? If the answer is ‘yes’, Cfast invite you to visit stand P10 at the BDIA Showcase to find out why Cfast is the solution. Cfast is a fast, minimally-invasive and discreet orthodontics system that

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Reaching for your personal best

Nigel Jones questions where patient care fits in to the definition of success. In amongst all of the amazing sporting occasions in the past few months, the one I ended up enjoying the most was the Commonwealth Games. This took me by surprise, as I’m more of a football, tennis and golf fan, so Glasgow