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Schools should help children learn how to brush their teeth for better oral hygiene

In its latest public health guidance, NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has called on local authorities to improve the oral health of their communities through better advice and support in oral hygiene. The guidance is aimed at local authorities, health and wellbeing boards, commissioners, directors of health, and frontline practitioners working generally in health, social

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The Young Dentist Academy’s official launch

The Young Dentist Academy (YDA) officially launched its course for newly qualified dentists on 16 October. The academy held an evening of lectures at Ivoclar Vivadent’s International Centre for Dental Education in Leicester. Young dentists were welcomed to the taster event to give an insight into what the Confidence, competence and contentment in general dental

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Increase dental patient value and treatment plan acceptance

Simon Hocken gives a step-by-step guide on how to treat new patients and how to improve your treatment acceptance. New patient value and the tendency of patients to accept treatment plans are fundamental to the commercial success of your practice. Average new patient value in private practices across the Breathe portfolio ranges from £300 to

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GDC meets to consider 2015 annual retention fee

A decision on the annual retention fee (ARF) level for 2015 will be made on Thursday 30 October 2014. The council’s decision will be made following an analysis of more than 4,000 responses to a consultation that ran for a nine week period until 4 September 2014. In addition, it will consider the GDC’s forecasts and

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Screw or cement retained restorations?

Dominic Hassall discusses the difference between screw and cement retained restorations. Complications may arise in the surgical phase of implant treatment with failure of integration or damage to vital structures, or there may also be late complications that are either mechanical or biological (including aesthetic). A full assessment of the medical history and dental condition

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LDCs create alternative dental contract

Dentistry reports on an exercise pitting prototype dental contracts against ACRs. There is a strong rumour the new prototype reformed contracts are to be announced very soon. Against the backdrop of recent engagement exercises, groups of local dental committees have developed a framework for an alternative reformed contract (ACR). So what are the differences? The

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BDA welcomes new guidance on preventing tooth decay in children

The British Dental Association (BDA) welcomes new guidance published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to help local authorities tackle high levels of tooth decay in children. Around £30 million is spent every year in England to remove decayed teeth in young people under 18 years. The BDA urges government and

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Cure-thru Integrapost is available in individual pouches

Premier Dental Products has announced Cure-thru Integrapost is now available in individual pouches. Cure-thru Integrapost provides easy identification with written details of the post on one side and a see-through panel on the opposing side for visual inspection. The discrete unit packaging keeps the post clean and protected and easy to distribute to multiple operatories.