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A priceless record collection and the importance of keeping good records

In this series of articles from the dento-legal experts at Dental Protection, we look at record keeping. With the team singing from the same song sheet, well-written contemporaneous records will keep a practice on track with patients. The importance of good record keeping is instilled in us from the earliest moment in training; a message

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Straighten more teeth everyday

Click Convert Sell has announced the prelaunch of one of the first complete orthodontic lifecycle marketing and sales systems. The goal is to help dentists and orthodontists worldwide cater to more patients seeking straight teeth. Straight Teeth Engine Academy is the brainchild of Aalok Shukla, a UK-based dentist and marketing strategist passionate in the matters

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BDA responds to new figures showing 12% of three-year olds have tooth decay

Public Health England (PHE) has released figures showing 12% of three-year olds have tooth decay. The survey also found that those children affected had an average of three decayed teeth due to the disease. According to the survey, there was a dramatic variation of tooth decay prevalence ranging from 2% to 34% across the country.

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Young dentists help dental students in Zimbabwe

A group of young dentists from the UK has launched an organisation to help dental students in Zimbabwe. The team from the organisation, Make a Dentist (MAD), has called upon other dental professionals and companies to donate unwanted educational or clinical material. The charity will raise funds in order to send the materials across to

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GDP Ortho World – What planet are you on?

GDP Ortho World is a new breed of meeting that will put dental professionals face to face with suppliers. Indulge yourself in the latest innovations and developments in GDP orthodontic practice from a variety of companies that will aid you practice in keeping up with the latest technology. If you are interested in providing your

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Antidepressants linked with dental implant failure

Patients with dental implants are more than twice as likely to experience failure if they are taking some of the most common antidepressants. The antidepressants in question are the family of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as Prozac, Celexa, Paxil, Lexapro, and Zoloft . While the study, carried out at McGill

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Is flexible working too flexible?

With the introduction of the right to request for flexible working, Sarah Buxton walks through how this might affect dental practices. As of the 30 June 2014, employees with at least 26 weeks’ continuous employment have been able to make a request for flexible working for any reason. The employee’s request may be for a

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New handpieces are launched

The exciting new range of Synea Vision Short edition handpieces are designed for dentists wanting a shorter and lighter handpiece. The Synea Vision Short handpieces have been ergonomically designed to reduce the weight and size, offering an ideal balance and ergonomics for all dentists, even those with smaller hands. The reduced weight and size is an

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Registration to BSDHT’s oral health conference is now open

The British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) is pleased to announce that registration for its flagship Oral health conference and exhibition is now open. Taking place at the Arena and Convention Centre (ACC) in Liverpool on 21 and 22 November, this year’s event has the thought provoking theme of ‘competence, confidence and clarity’.

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Does your practice have a brand?

Les Jones from Practice Plan explains how to build and create the right practice brand for you. If you answered anything other than ‘yes’ to the above question… then you are mistaken. Every dental practice has a brand (whether you like it or not) – the key questions are: do you know what your brand