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A priceless record collection and the importance of keeping good records

In this series of articles from the dento-legal experts at Dental Protection, we look at record keeping. With the team singing from the same song sheet, well-written contemporaneous records will keep a practice on track with patients. The importance of good record keeping is instilled in us from the earliest moment in training; a message

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Parents could be jeopardising their children’s oral health

A new study has shown that parents could be jeopardising their children’s oral health by being unaware of what they are having for lunch. The study, carried out by the British Dental Health Foundation, found one in 10 parents don’t know what their child eats whilst at school. A further one in 20 parents claim their child

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Have patients queueing up for your extended range of services

Do you want to extend the range of services you offer, attract new patients and generate additional income from your existing patients? If the answer is ‘yes’, Cfast invite you to visit stand P10 at the BDIA Showcase to find out why Cfast is the solution. Cfast is a fast, minimally-invasive and discreet orthodontics system that

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Reaching for your personal best

Nigel Jones questions where patient care fits in to the definition of success. In amongst all of the amazing sporting occasions in the past few months, the one I ended up enjoying the most was the Commonwealth Games. This took me by surprise, as I’m more of a football, tennis and golf fan, so Glasgow

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Straighten more teeth everyday

Click Convert Sell has announced the prelaunch of one of the first complete orthodontic lifecycle marketing and sales systems. The goal is to help dentists and orthodontists worldwide cater to more patients seeking straight teeth. Straight Teeth Engine Academy is the brainchild of Aalok Shukla, a UK-based dentist and marketing strategist passionate in the matters

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BDA responds to new figures showing 12% of three-year olds have tooth decay

Public Health England (PHE) has released figures showing 12% of three-year olds have tooth decay. The survey also found that those children affected had an average of three decayed teeth due to the disease. According to the survey, there was a dramatic variation of tooth decay prevalence ranging from 2% to 34% across the country.

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Young dentists help dental students in Zimbabwe

A group of young dentists from the UK has launched an organisation to help dental students in Zimbabwe. The team from the organisation, Make a Dentist (MAD), has called upon other dental professionals and companies to donate unwanted educational or clinical material. The charity will raise funds in order to send the materials across to