Dentistry LIVE announces a new speaker!

Brendon Macdonald delivers a superb session on how to develop an integrated social media strategy to acquire, convert and retain patients.

The ‘Social Business’ Gap! The Dental Practice social media blueprint, to avoid getting stuck on the wrong side!
Social Networks are a great and easy way for you to communicate with your potential customers.

Nowadays the buyers set the ground rules on when and where they will engage and increasingly turn to trusted third parties for education (including via blogs, twitter and other social media)

This means your business must develop an integrated social media strategy which identifies where potential patient conversations are happening and effectively uses various digital channels to acquire, convert and retain patients.

Topics to be covered :

What lies ahead in 2012 for social media for business
What a social business is & what are the benefits
Finding breathing room in an overcrowded social network
Must have social tools for Dental practices
8 tips on how to optimise your Facebook timeline for pages

See Brendon at Dentistry LIVE – – call now to book on this two day event on 0800 371 652

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