FGDP(UK) tells GDC to ‘put its house in order’


The FGDP(UK) has told the GDC to ‘put its house in order’

The FGDP(UK) has rejected the GDC’s proposed ARF, claiming it’s placing the financial burned of its own failings on dentists.

The General Dental Council (GDC) has proposed to keep annual retention fees (ARF) at the same level they have been through 2015, £890 for dentists and £116 for dental care professionals.

However, the Faculty of General Dental Practice UK (FGDP(UK)) has claimed this rate is ‘extraordinarily’ high and it could not support this ARF, citing the GDC’s poor performance, the ARF being significantly higher than similar health regulators and a lack of explanation for the GDC doubling its caseload whilst the Care Quality Commission found dentistry to be safe, as the reasons for not supporting this.

‘The ARF is a symptom of the GDC’s unsatisfactory and overloaded Fitness to Practice process,’ FGDP(UK) dean, Mick Horton, said.

‘It is incredible that in a sector, which the CQC says provides safe, good quality care and presents a low risk to patients, seemingly one in 13 dentists each year now face a complaint that the GDC considers might call into question their continuing fitness to practise.

‘The Faculty’s primary concern is the safe and effective treatment of patients, and in the end it is patients who will suffer from the fact that the GDC has lost the confidence of dentists and is creating disillusionment and fear within the profession.

‘In proposing an ARF over twice that paid by doctors, three times that of opticians and pharmacists and seven times that of nurses, the GDC is placing the financial burden of its own failings on to the shoulders of dentists and dental care professionals, and we cannot support it until it puts its house in order.’


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    Great the FGDP has voiced its concerns alongside the BDA. Many young dentist I speak to now are looking elsewhere to build their careers. There is unprecedented dissatisfaction within the profession and if this isn’t addressed sooner rather than later there won’t be any dentists left to do any dentistry!

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    Having been in front of the GDc twice for record keeping I know all about the GDC stance.
    Lawyers working for the GDC , experts working for the GDC and the GDC benefit from any complaint and subsequent record handed over to the GDC.
    No dentist is found faultless no matter what level of speciality.
    I would like to know how many complaints that land up in front of the GDC are dismissed at the first hurdle? Probably not many. Each one has to be investigated no matter what, e.g a retainer not being provided for a patient who does not return for it; a dentist accused of stealing endo files, which she openly discussed trying out at another practice etc.
    It is said each week at the PCC costs about £80,000
    That is a ridiculous sum; a fraction of which could have gone on retraining the dentist.
    I for one have done about 300 hours of non-verifiable CPD to try to relearn, so when I go in front of the PCC I can show that I have voluntarily retrained; man I qualified in 1989!
    I have contemplated suicide but like Judah ben Hur I knew that I was not kept alive in the galleys just to die…..

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      The whole thing is run by and in the financial interest of the solicitors working for the GDC and Dental Protection. Dental protection claims that it is an indemnity organisation and non profit. Yes that is correct but it has become a club employing semi – retired friends and colleagues (as so called “senior dental advisers”) who are sitting on their butts on a salary of £50- £60K / year while on their NHS pensions or working 1-2 days in their private practices. I have been to all their “risk management courses” and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you have written in your records / how you have carried out the treatment. The standard answer is that “we can not defend this in front of the GDC / court” and we should settle the claim. They are not willing to admit that it costs them more to defend these cases. They were saying that after the “Jackson” (April 2013) things will get better. The reality is that they are raising the premiums for all dentists every year and blaming it on more cases to defend. When you read their publications like riskwise , they imply that you should be happy that we defend your professional reputation, basically saying shut up and be happy that you are not ending up in front of the GDC.
      Dentists in the UK at the moment are stuck between the rock and a hard place i.e GDC and DP
      You will be threatened by the GDC and your indemnity organisation will tell you to pay up and shut up (By annual rises in their fees) so we can “defend” you.
      Meanwhile, the solicitors on both the GDC and the ones contracted by DP plus members on the GDC’s fitness com. (£300/day) plus the dental advisers of DP are the winners.
      It cannot get any more corrupt than this.

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    As I live through my miserable career,I m getting a feeling that our respected regulator has become an organisation which is trying intentionally or perhaps unintentionally to terrorise dentists and push them out of the profession.The effect on me personally is:
    1- the first thing I do when I get home everyday is to check my mail looking for a letter from the GDC informing me that I m being investigated, I know one day it will come.It came to more senior and far more experienced colleagues.Its a matter of when not if.
    2-When I see a patient and I get that gut feeling that they are the sort of patients who are difficult and likely to be unhappy and complain then I refer them on to another place/colleague.
    3-I m now officially suffering with clinical depression as living in constant fear has resulted after several years in turning me into a sad,depressed and withdrawn dentist.
    4-I have lost all my interest in dentistry with all its “exciting” developments,new research,new techniques etc so basically,I work as a dentist just to make money and pay my bills.Why the hell should I learn something new??
    Go to hell GDC with all your stupid rules and regulations.You destroyed my life…the sad thing is that I along other colleagues are paying for our lives to be destroyed.

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