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Are you a fearful dentist?

Dr Nav Ropra says it is common to hear of scared patients, but it is equally important we understand our own fears

A ‘bad experience’ may result in a memory that going to the dentist, or receiving dental treatment is a very painful experience.

This can prevent some patients seeking dental care until an emergency situation arises. You can appreciate that in these cases that health care professionals understand the patient’s fears and tailor make their care accordingly.

As dentists share a similar psychological and physiological make up to patients, then it is equally important we understand our own needs and what makes us fearful.   Fear can be defined as:  ‘In the future, we assume more loss than gain, more pain than pleasure, more challenge than support, more negative than positive from someone, something or yourself.’   You can have fear in any of the seven areas of life (spiritual, mental, vocational, familial, financial, social, physical).  You can never have a fear of something in the past as fear is always future orientated. High flyer – low self esteem

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