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Mass resignations at ADI committee

Next president among the departed as key committee members resign en masse from the Association of Dental Implantology.

A number of key personnel at the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) have resigned their positions on the committee, Dentistry has learned.

The individuals – among them the president-elect, Rob Dyas, who was due to take up the presidency in November 2015 – cite the organisation’s current desire to revisit constitutional and management issues as a key factor in their decision.

Other members to resign include Cemal Ucer (the ADI president between 2011 and 2013), Simon Wright (ADI director of education), and David Speechley (ADI treasurer).

A joint statement released by all four ex-committee members reads: ‘The ADI was founded by like-minded dentists with a common desire to promote the development of implant dentistry in the UK.

'The specific founding objectives were to assist education of patients and dentists, and help the general advancement of implantology.

‘For the last quarter of a century, successions of members and trustees with different professional backgrounds and varying interests in dentistry have given their time and resources voluntarily, and always with the best interests of the ADI at heart, to help to develop a highly successful and respected association.

'In this respect, ADI’s framework of constitution and traditions stood the test of the time well.

‘Of course, time doesn’t stand still and progress is essential.

'Nevertheless, change has to be managed within the restrictions of a well-proven constitutional framework. 

‘The ADI’s current desire to revisit constitutional, management, law and ethics matters – including the question of conflict of interests – has unfortunately bogged down progress and detracted the association from fulfilling its planned projects and delivering its main charitable objectives of education and research.

‘As nationally established independent providers of education and training in implant dentistry, we have always strived to contribute to the advancement of the ADI by helping to deliver education to patients, dentists and team members, as well as aiming to develop clinical standards and guidance for the benefit of our profession, members and patients alike. 

‘As trustees of the ADI, we have increasingly felt unable to carry out these objectives and duties and therefore have decided to resign our positions in order to pursue them elsewhere. 

‘We wish the ADI continuing success in the future.’

The ADI had no comment.

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